International School of Geopolitics
Stay tuned for more information regarding the second edition of the Spykman Center's Summer School
to be held in 2024.
We are pleased to announce endorsements for our Annual Summer School by a range of academics and practitioners in the field of Geopolitics and International Relations from some of the leading universities of Europe and beyond.
Our Partners
The Spykman Center is proud to present our official partner for our Annual Summer School Program.
How to Build a Geopolitical Analysis in Times of International Upheaval
The Spykman Center's first annual summer school held online from 19th-23rd of June 2023 was attended by 14 Students. It comprised of a mix of lectures and discussions by leading experts: Manlio Graziano, Benjamin Sutherland, Mircea Flore and Igor Lys. The workshops were conducted by Spykman Analysts who presented their work as an example of how rigorous geopolitical analysis is conducted, which was followed by a written assessment produced by the participants.

33% of the participants rated the experience as "excellent", 67% as "greatly satisfying" and overall 82% of the students appreciated the interactivity throughout the Summer School. 60% of the Students expressed desire to join the Center as permanent members.